• Success through Continuity

    With exports going well beyond Europe’s borders and a capacity of 700,000-1,200,000 pieces/month AYTIM is one of the leading textile manufacturers in Turkey. The company specializes in the design, development and production of ready-to-wear stylish women’s and men’s clothing.

    The new design line, A-HOUSE, for premium Italian and French brands is the next logical step in our ongoing quality development.

  • 8 Good Reasons for AYTIM

    • Over 30 years of production experience
    • Product design and development within a very short time frame
    • High quality standards
    • Fair cost-performance ratio
    • Short and reliable delivery times (6-8 weeks)
    • Security of long-standing suppliers
    • Confidence of long-standing customers
    • Motivated and highly trained staff
    • Strength as a result of market leadership and innovation

  • Consistency Through and Through

    Founded in 1995 by the Aydin family, AYTIM grew out of a textile factory steeped in tradition where the family had been working since 1976. With its extremely experienced staff and Mr. Aydin‘s corporate vision, AYTIM has developed into that same strong and exemplary family-run company that is now among one of Turkey’s Top 500 companies.

    A central theme which we are tirelessly pursuing through permanent innovation and expansion.

  • The New Premium Class

    A-House is a new design line geared to the Italian and French markets. An innovative, young team develops trends and styles in the premium segment for top notch customers. This is a discerning segment in a highly sensitive market which demands absolute perfection and discretion. In our company this has top priority. This is what our good name stands for.

    You benefit additionally from Aytim’s experience and existing infrastructure. Successful acquisitions encourage us to pursue and develop this strategy.


    The Creative Potential

    At the AYTIM headquarters in Istanbul a design and development team with more than 40 employees gathers the latest trends and implements them according to the ideas and requirements of our customers. A few brands such as Bel Air (young fashion) and Lorée (feminine fashion) are always being stylishly updated and presented to our customers.

    Computer-aided Design (CAD)

    State-of-the-art technology enables the production of samples and varying ready-to-wear sizes of more than 30,000 styles each year. As a result of the cutting optimization achieved by AYTIM’s CAD experts, considerable material savings result which leads to extremely cost-effective production.

  • Trend Scouts to Fashion Hotspots

    AYTIM designers regularly attend trendsetting textile, fashion and fabric trade fairs in the European capitals which are considered to be reliable sources for the hottest fashion colors, tailoring and fabric trends. In cooperation with the German Fashion Institute (DMI), comprehensive analyses are prepared in order to filter the right inspirations from the great many presented and to prepare them for the market.


    State-of-the-art Production

    At the Istanbul location and at the Bartin industrial park production site, which was completed in 2002 and is located in the Black Sea region, AYTIM works in line with economic market conditions with the latest technology on a total area of 25,000 square meters with 1,500 employees.

    The monthly capacity is set at a minimum of 700,000 pieces, but by integrating subcontractors this figure can be increased by an additional 500,000 pieces/month. The just-in-time or never-out-of-stock (NOS) program is used.

    With short delivery times and considerable flexibility, AYTIM is in a position to fulfill every request. Quality-assured production allows for delivery times from 2 weeks depending on the availability of the fabric and/or customer approval of samples.



    Quality is our potential. With this in mind we pay attention to every detail right from the word go. But nothing is so good that it cannot be improved upon. This is why the improvement process is an ongoing one and involves trainings, state-of-the-art technologies and the enhancement of work flows and logistics. We have been doing this since the company’s inception. This is a part of our tradition. And our future.


    Precision as the Measure of all Things

    As part of the quality inspection the most stringent standards are applied at AYTIM. Every detail, every seam is inspected exactly. Almost 100 quality controllers and final quality controllers examine and monitor the production flow around the clock for nothing but immaculate products with perfect fits and cuts.

    But we do not rely on this alone. In addition, external institutes are consulted that can assess the quality objectively and in accordance with international criteria and in accordance with Oekotex Standard 100. This gives our customers the best possible quality assurance.


    Together We Are Unbeatable

    Pulling together is part of our corporate culture. It has a positive impact both inwardly and outwardly. Motivated employees and their affinity for team work are the basis for performance and customer satisfaction. This is why AYTIM places great importance on fostering the individual, creating a pleasant work environment and on social aspects.

    Also part of the team are external partners, independent contractors, suppliers and service providers. We treat them respectfully and fairly. By doing so we can all work together to become the best.


    Friendly Connections Ensure our Future

    A network of suppliers of exclusive and high quality yarns provides AYTIM with raw materials. High-tech dyeing works and textile printing works produce the dyed and printed fabrics in every possible design from every desired material. AYTIM procures the yarns and the extensive range of ingredients and accessories from Turkey, but also imports them the US, Italy, India, Indonesia and Pakistan.

    All of the suppliers are, without exception, prominent if not world-renowned manufacturers with outstanding reputations. The long-standing, trustful business contacts pay off and are reflected in the ideal cost-performance ratio which, in turn, benefits our customers.


    A Strong Motor at Your Side

    Every year AYTIM ships over 300,000 packages to customers in Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Russia and Kazazhstan. All of the necessary documents required for smooth handling are processed quickly in the in-house logistics department. It also arranges for transportation by tried and tested freight carriers/logistics companies that deliver the desired goods to their destination both reliably and on time.


    An Important Obligation for Us

    Customer satisfaction ultimately also means responsible and global thinking. Secure jobs for the employees, regular trainings and other advanced training initiatives are one aspect. The same goes for their suitable care at work.

    Every day AYTIM also offers employees free bus transfers, breakfast and lunch. Produce from AYTIM‘s own fruit and vegetable crops (Istanbul) and the kiwi plantation in Bartin (Black Sea Region) contribute to a healthy and balanced diet. Only content and well cared for employees can put their best foot forward and that is what counts.


    Always Ready to Serve You

    Just call us: The multilingual and expertly-trained AYTIM customer care representatives are available for advice and support. During the week you can speak in person to our customer care representatives from Mondays to Fridays from 8:00am to 6:00pm.

    On your first visit we are happy to assist you in finding a hotel and with other organizational aspects.

    Address : Mahmutbey Mah. Hacýbostan Cad.
    No: 9 / Baðcýlar / 34217 ISTANBUL-TURKEY
    Telephone : +90 212 447 50 01
    Telefax: +90 212 447 50 20
    Or send us an e-mail: cons@aytim.com