Aytim Group

AYTIM Group of Companies, with approximately 40 years of experience in fashion textiles, food, agriculture, and health sectors, is a visionary and leading international organization. With its professional managers and team of 1,500 employees, AYTIM takes pride in their high standards, and in offering innovative products to be celebrated across the world. Today, the Group stands as a global premium brand for textile in Turkey.

AYTIM was established in 1995 in Istanbul. It continues its development by producing solutions in every link of the fashion textile chain, from design to retail. The design, collection, and product development activities carried out in R&D and P&D centers turn into production in factories located in Istanbul, Bartın and Erzurum. The Group exports products designed and produced for multi-national textile brands to 27 countries around the world.

AYTIM Group recognizes sustainable development goals (SDGs) as important determinants of its corporate strategy, in particular, their economic, social, humanitarian, and environmental dimensions. For this purpose, the company considers reduction of carbon footprint urgent. Within the framework of the European Green Deal approach, determining the targets for 2030 and 2050 and adopting appropriate measures within the Group is an essential step towards fulfilling our responsibilities of caring for nature. Social sustainability studies of AYTIM aim to contribute to the development of society in the fields of rural development, appraisal of women’s labor, education, culture and arts. The new ‘LEED’ certified environmentally friendly textile production facility, which will be completed in Erzurum in 2022, will be a pioneer in the region with 800 female employees.

While AYTIM focuses its investments on areas that will support the economic development of disadvantaged segments of society, it also ensures that every business model it adopts, complies with international quality standards.

In order to bring to light the gastronomic heritage and values ​​of our country to the world market, the Group merged with the brand Antre Gourmet by investing in Bural Food Inc., which has operated for more than 20 years with its sole mission of preserving traditional production models. Thereby, AYTIM entered into the international branding process inside the food sector.

Yonca-Tim Company, which was established to offer alternative products to our country’s agriculture, introduces the kiwi production it started with “Good Agriculture Practices” in 2009 on the 200 hectares of land it had reclaimed in Bartın, under the brand “KingWi” to the market.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, which has affected the health, financial, social, and psychological wellbeing of millions of people all over the world, AYTIM Group has responded with a new initiative. Based upon R&D studies carried out, the Group entered the medical sector by producing innovative anti-viral fabrics. In this context, the Group has developed the R&D product – medical protection type 1 (Medical Device Type 1) certified MI100 brand mask collection. These masks are made from washable nanotechnology fabric which provide protection against particles, bacteria and viruses, and have successfully passed the tests of international institutions accredited in Turkey and Europe. The masks are now presented to the international markets under the MI100 brand.

AYTIM Group of Companies strives to build a sustainable world for future generations by always focusing on the future ahead, hand in hand with its founder, employees and all its stakeholders, with the vision it has created from the past and continues to adapt in the present, for the future.

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