Equality for Woman at Work

Ensuring gender equality is the responsibility of the employer and we think that everyone should contribute to gender equality.
Within the scope of the project we have conducted with the cooperation of Intertek-Sustainability Academy;
• Providing the same career opportunities for women and men in order to improve gender equality in the workplace of our female employees,
• Equal development of working conditions,
• Equal pay for equal work,
• Ensuring equal social security conditions
• Ensuring a peaceful, secure, equal and fair working system by avoiding gender discrimination,
• Participation of women in business life, management and leadership effectiveness
As a result of our work in our factories in Bartın and Istanbul, we have received Equality for Woman at Work Certificate.

From Refugee to Employer

United Work, as an organization funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, works to provide employment for Syrian refugees in Turkey and also to provide participation of Syrian refugees to the workforce and social life under legal circumstances.
In this context, we also provide employment to the Syrian refugees in partnership with United Work. We provide training for all of our employees in their mother tongue in the on-the-job training programs and accelerate the adaptation process to our company.

Social Compliance Audits

Our company is subject to social compliance audits and in this context, BSCI and SMETA (SEDEX) platforms at the highest level of social compliance conditions are provided. OEKO-TEX is an organization of the European Union, which contributes to the protection of the environment.