HR Strategy

Recruitment At Aytim

We support talent and diligence, and respect experience. We believe that success is possible wheneverre the best come together.

Our HR Policies;
  • Our Human Resources policy aims to hire talented people that will successfully represent Aytim culture and develop Aytim Group, to increase their add value by providing them with Professional and personal development training ultimately achieving their loyalty to our company.
  • Aytim Group focuses on career development programs of employees with high potentials as well as a new generation hiring management trainees who can adapt to the changing environment of work life.
  • The intellectual capital of our employees is of higher value than even our most technologically advanced sytems and processes, and we are continuosly investing in their development through training, travel and exposure to the broader global business environment.
  • We are passionate about Aytim Group organisation and proud of our experienced, and proactive people.